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Learning Agreement

Update your Learning Agreement, if necessary.

Sometimes you have to change courses after your arrival at the partner university. You have five weeks to adapt the Learning Agreement. Use the “During the Mobility” section to do this. Only if this section is correctly and completely filled out and signed by everyone the accreditation is assured. If anything changes during your traineeship (e.g. your tasks, traineeship supervisor, the duration of your traineeship, etc.) you need to contact the Erasmus+ Academic Coordinator at your institution and ask for their permission for the change. If permission is granted, then you must fill in the changes to the Learning Agreement and ask your sending institution and host organization to sign it. Once you receive the signed document signed by both sides, you should sign it yourself and send it back to your sending institution.


The middle part of the document consists of two tables (Table A2 and Table B2), which refer to Table A and Table B of your original LA.

Table A2 includes information about the exams at the Receiving Institution. You should make it clear if you are deleting or adding an exam by ticking the right option; then, you should explain the reasons of your choice.

Table B2 includes information about the corresponding exams at the Sending Institution.

IMPORTANT! Please fill in the “component code” blank too. If you do not know the code, please check either the list of Courses.


Pay attention that Table A and Table B are connected. Therefore:


  1. Learning Mobility DM
  2. LA Guidelines


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